Saturday, June 23, 2012

London Darkness: Infernal Inventions by Christopher Stocking!

I am so excited to review this book! I am the first person to review it and the author is a friend of mine! :)

I have never been interested in the steam-punk genre, and until very recently I didn't even know what it was. Reading this book was as much an adventure for me as a learning experience and I would love to share what I learned with all of you :)

Goodreads Synopsis: Victorian London–When Ryker Mayson comes across the dead body of a high-ranking member from the League of Inventors, his life changes forever. Murder, lies, and deceit become all too familiar as Ryker searches the dark city streets to find out who is behind these deaths, and why.

With the help of Wendell, his Gnomish best friend, Celia, his prostitute lover, and some newly made friends from the League, he scours the city in search of whomever is lurking in the shadows, slaying unsuspecting inventors for taking part in a tragic injustice.

What I loved: Chris has an amazing writing style. Everything was so beautifully written and so very detailed that the entire story plays out in your head like a movie. I could not tear my eyes away! I also loved how "Infernal Inventions" read as an epic adventure tale. I am a huge fan of  books like "The Hobbit" and "My Side Of The Mountain" because they spin you this adventure that you never want to pull your head out of; "Infernal Inventions" is one of those kinds of adventures. I also really loved how I didn't need to know anything about steam-punk to understand what was going on. They story read like a beginners guide to steam-punk while taking you on an unforgettable journey. The characters were relatable there is just something that feels so familiar about Chris' writing.  Also, Mechanical Cougars! How awesome is that! 

What I didn't love: It ended and now I have to wait for a sequel! :(

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars! Great work, Chris! I whole heartily suggest that everyone check out "Infernal Inventions"!

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