Monday, July 30, 2012

An update

Hello Everyone! I just realized that is has been over a month since I've last updated you guys, and for that I'm really sorry. On the bright side, I've gained 10 followers in the past month :0

Summertime is definitely one of the big reasons for my lack of posts. I've just been out and about enjoying the sunshine and (I hate to say it) not reading :(

I recently found out that I can check out e books from my local library for my nook! I was taking serious advantage of this service until two days ago when my nook first edition suffered accidental water damage. I was staying at a friends apartment and her upstairs neighbor had a leak. Long story short, no more Nancy the nook. I did call the customer service number and cried so they offered me a Nook Tablet for a $90 discount! My new lovah shall be here in 3-5 business days! :)

During this hiatus I've been thinking a lot about my blog and ways to improve it. I've come up with some fantastic ideas that I think you guys will love!

  1. Remember when I reviewed "London Darkness" by local author Christopher Stocking? Well not only was I the first blog EVER to review his book, but I will also be interviewing him, attending his book signing AND hosting a giveaway of the novel! 
  2. I really want to do a series on e-readers that will span a few weeks. For instance, the first post will just be general knowledge on e-readers (pros and cons), the second will be all about Kindles, the third all about Nooks, and so on and so forth. :)
  3. Audio books anyone? I'm going to start reading (listening?) to at least one audio book a month and sharing my experiences with you!
  4. I would love to share my "book-et list" with you all! It's a list of books I need to read before I die!
  5. "The general public book-et list"- I'll be sharing a list of books I think belong on everyone's "book-et list"! 
As you can see I have many exciting things to come! I hope you're all as excited as I am!
Happy Reading!,

Kelsey x

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  1. My library also recently started lending e-books and I love getting books for my Kindle!

    Just found your blog and now following :)